WHO ATE ALL THE BUGS? is my tenth book and the start of a trilogy of picturebooks exploring ecosystems and the creatures within them. It combines non-fiction and activity elements with the story of a snail who sets out to find who is responsible for, you guessed it, eating all the bugs. Expect bugs getting squished, squashed, munched and mushed. It's a book filled with humour, a bit of horror, but a lot heart and soul too. At least, I think so. But if none of that appeals to you: It also has a worm that talks nothing but nonsense. I hope you'll check it out!
WHO ATE ALL THE BUGS? published on 2nd February 2023. It is available from all UK bookshops as well as online using this (affiliate) link.​​​​​​​
Before starting the artwork for WHO ATE ALL THE BUGS? I created my own design reference for much of the flora and fauna in the book. This was so I would have a working understanding of the environment I was depicting and how I'd go about drawing each element. This saved a lot of time figuring things as I went. ​​​​​​​
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